Have a broken cellphone & you don’t know what to do?
Don’t worry, call iDROiD, we always have a solution

No matter what type of cellphone, manufacturer or provider you currently have, our cell phone and mobile device repair shop can fix it for you. Whether it’s a cracked screen, water damage or it just simply won’t charge any more, at iDROiD Repairs and Products, we have you covered!

iDROiD Repairs and Products Inc. Repair Store

Many people these days will be choosing cell phone repair shops when technical problems or minor damage occurs to their smartphone as opposed to purchasing a new phone. Small issues with smartphones like cracked screens and broken charging ports are generally easy for a cell phone shop to fix and a much cheaper option for consumers than purchasing a new device.

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At iDROiD Repairs and Products of Spring Hill FL, we specialize in cell phone repair when problems occur such as cracked screens, broken speakers, headphone jack problems, home button issues, power buttons that have stopped working, shattered back glass, battery replacement, water diagnostic, charging port repairs and much more. So before you panic and throw your device away, call iDROiD to save the day.

Phone fell in the toilet? Don’t Panic, we can help !

Water damages happen everyday here in Florida, considering there are beaches everywhere the eye can see. This is why, if you happen to drop your device into any type of liquid, do not panic. Here at iDROiD Repairs and Products we attempt to repair all devices that have gone threw any type of liquid damage. Call our location or stop by for more information on our mobile device water damage diagnostic. Many diagnostics may be successfully completed the same day.

Broken Screen? Don’t worry, We can fix that for you !

We repair screens, whether its a cracked glass or black screen, we will make it good as new again. Whether you dropped it on the floor or ran it over with your car, we here at iDroid have seen it all! You name it, we’ve seen it! So give us a call today or stop in and let one of our skilled cellphone repair technicians help you restore your broken device. Since we know how important mobile devices are in our everyday lives, many cellphone repairs are done same day.

Device Not Charging? Think you need a new battery?
Don’t throw it away. Let us fix it & save the day

We repair charging ports and we replace batteries on almost all devices. Charging ports can be so easily damaged from improper plugging and batteries often lose the ability to hold a charge after some time. No worries, here at iDROiD Repairs and Products of Spring Hill Florida, we can have your device back up and charging in no time.

Don’t know how to use your new mobile device, no problem, iDroid is here to help !

Need a little more schooling on how to use your new mobile device or if you are a first time smartphone/mobile device user and are frustrated with the functionality, well stop your worry. Here at iDROiD Repairs and Products of Spring Hill Florida, we have specialists that can schedule a time to sit down and help you on what ever you need to know. Whether it is setting up an email address or adding pictures onto your smartphone, we are here to help. Just give us a call to schedule your mobile device class today.