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Computer Repair Service

Is your computer not turning on or is your tablet simply just not charging anymore? Don’t worry, we can fix that too !


Here at iDROiD Repairs and Products of Spring Hill, FL, we know that finding the right laptop Computer Repair Service isn’t always easy, but our expertise and friendly service make it an easy and affordable choice. At iDROiD we realize how frustrating it is when your laptop, tablet, or PC breaks down and how tough it is being offline. Especially since everything we need to do in our daily lives is on our mobile devices. This is why, if you require a fast turnaround with a professional Computer Repair Service we have you covered!

If your laptop or PC isn’t under warranty then more than likely bringing it to iDROID for repair will save you money over purchasing a brand new one. You’ll be surprised how cheap it may be to fix your laptop or PC in comparison to buying new. Let our professional Computer Repair Service center do it for you.

Some of the issues with laptops, tablets and PC’s that require you to consult an experienced technician may include:

  • - Cracked LCD Screen
  • - Overheating
  • - Power jack repair
  • - Won’t turn on
  • - Needs more memory
  • - Running too slow
  • - Shutting down constantly
  • - New motherboard installation
  • - Virus/Spyware removal

iDroid’s Computer Repair Service has an excellent team of technicians that provide our customers the best in terms of expertise to troubleshoot and repair almost all makes of PC’s and laptops including Sony, Dell, IBM, Compaq, Toshiba, Acer, Apple, Asus, Panasonic, HP, Gateway, Fujitsu, Lenovo, NEC, Alienware, Advent and many others.

Often iDroid’s Computer Repair Service can have your laptop or PC back to you the very same day so your not offline for long. iDroid offers some of the most affordable prices in Spring Hill. We guarantee to fix your laptop or PC issue.

Cracked tablet or it stopped charging? Don’t worry, we fix that too !


We know that finding the right Tablet Repair Service can be difficult.That’s why we also offer specialists in tablet repairs. Whether it’s a name-brand or Black Friday Special, stop by or give us a call to find out pricing for your next tablet repair.

Don’t know how to use your new mobile device, no problem, iDroid has you covered !


Need a little more schooling on how to use your new mobile device or if you are a first time smartphone/mobile device user and are frustrated with the functionality, well stop your worry. Here at iDROiD Repairs and Products of Spring Hill Florida, we have specialists that can schedule a time to sit down and help you on what ever you need to know. Whether it is setting up an email address or adding pictures onto your smartphone, we are here to help. Just give us a call to schedule your lesson today.

Come visit iDROiD’s PC/smartphone/tablet/iPod/gaming console repair store in Spring Hill for a free quote today!