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For video game console repair and handheld console repair work in Spring Hill, Florida you can depend on iDROiD’s video game specialist’s for quick, professional friendly service. When it comes to video game repair work we are honest and take pride in our trade. Whether your PlayStation will not play discs, your XBOX has the red ring of death, or your Wii will not switch on, come see our video game repair specialist’s at iDROiD in Spring Hill Florida.

Don’t lose out on playing that game you’ve been awaiting for. Getting your game console fixed today is fast and easy with iDROiD’s video game repair store. You won’t have to wait weeks to get your XBOX or PlayStation or Nintendo DS fixed with us. If you don’t know exactly what’s wrong with your game console just, bring it in to iDROiD for a diagnostic.

Before you toss hundreds of dollars away purchasing a brand-new PlayStation, XBOX or Nintendo DS, come seek professional and experienced help with our video game repair specialists at iDROiD in Spring Hill Florida. We offer fast, expert service at the most affordable prices, guaranteed! We will repair your game console or hand held as fast as we can so you can get back to playing. Simply take a look at our testimonials on our website and Facebook page to see just what our customers say about us.

Having issues with your gaming console? We can fix that too !
Whether it’s Playstation’s Yellow Ring of Death (YROD), XBOX 360’s Red Ring of Death (RROD) or disk drive errors, here at iDroid we have technicians who can help you with any gaming console needs.

Video Game Store Repairs
Is your XBOX showing the Red Ring of Death (RROD) ERROR?
Your XBOX has hundreds of micro-sized solder joints holding the processor on to the mother board. In time, continuous heating and cooling, a few of these solder joint often break off and crack. This results in the red ring of death. Using our special repair process, we heat the solder joints that hold the processor inside the motherboard in place. This repair process will help eliminate the red ring of death error.

Is your Playstation showing the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) ERROR?
If you have this problem with your Playstation, we can fix it! Your Playstation has hundreds of micro-sized soldering joints holding the processor on to the motherboard of your Playstation. In time with continuous heating and cooling, a few of these solder joint start to crack and break away. This is what causes the yellow light of death ERROR. Using our special repair process, we heat the solder joints that hold the processor inside the motherboard in place. This repair process will eliminate the red ring of death.

Does your video game console have any of the following issues?

1. Is you fan very loud or does your system keep turning off?

This issue might be caused by your console getting too hot. We are geared up to deal with the overheating challenges that cause major issues with majority of gaming systems.

2. Is your game console not reading discs?

iDROiD can take care of that! We can typically fix the laser of any gaming console.

3. Are you having video display issues?

Due to the sensitivity of electronic devices, your console can end up being harmed from hot plugging specific cables (disconnecting a game console or plugging when powered on). We can also fix this on all gaming systems.

4. Is your gaming console not reading your hard drive or are you having SD card troubles?

This is a common issue in many gaming systems. This error creates the gaming console the inability for it to read the hard drive. This can be caused from a damaged HDD (Hard Drive Disk), SD cards not inserting correctly or corrupt unreadable memory. iDROID’s professionals have experience with this and can troubleshoot and repair the problem for you!

5. Need your gaming controller repaired?

There are several things that can cause a game console controller to not work properly. It may be just a damaged port or something worth fixing. Why not have us take a look at it?

6. Is your gaming console not connecting properly to your Wifi network?

We can repair this issue with all of gaming systems.

So come and stop by iDROiD Repairs and Products of Spring Hill Florida and have us identify your problem and see if fixing your video gaming console or handheld console could be your solution.